About Me

My Story

You’d never guess it by looking at me, but I was an Aviation Maintenance & Management major in college.   Long story.  Very early on in college, I was introduced to the amazing world of video and television production.  To say that I was hooked from the beginning would be an understatement.  I started out recording basketball games on enormous, top-loading, 3/4″ videotape decks, advanced to audio engineer and then camera operator, and then, finally, director.  I knew this was my true calling.

So, I graduated from Lewis University with a BS in Aviation, enrolled at Columbia College and learned what I needed to know to work in video production.  I quickly gravitated to the post-production side of things.  Putting all of the pieces together to create something new was extremely gratifying.  I was fortunate enough to spend two years at Lewis University creating various videos for the university, and teaching students what I knew about television production.  This included creating over 10 hours of original programming for the campus cable tv station each week.

After Lewis, I became a video editor at Video Impressions in Aurora, IL.  Over the next 28 years I ended up working in every aspect of video production, including, but not limited to, camera operator, audio engineer, tele-prompter operator, editor, director, floor director, graphics, live streaming, multi-media author… and the list goes on.

And now, I’m on my own, creating PowerPoints, editing video, editing audio podcasts, creating interactive eLearning courses and just trying to stay out of trouble.

Ed Green